Spoiled Little L.A. Girls | Jennifer & Rahiel

“To help women make educated decisions about the products they wear, put on their face, and into their body.” Happy Tuesday! I wanted to share one of my favorite sites with you by the name of Spoiled Little L.A. Girls. Founded by two friends Jennifer and Rahiel, who learned they had much in common with one another after connecting for a blog piece back in 2007. Like all of us female consumers, these two ladies grew sick and tired of purchasing products that simply just DID NOT WORK! Determined to put an end to this frustration, Spoiled Little L.A. Girls was born! Jennifer and Rahiel have created one of the best product/service review companies. Trying everything from clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty products, gadgets, and edible goodies all so we don’t have to. They offer unbiased reviews so you can make educated decisions before your purchase. “We know it’s a crazy world out there between the aisles of your favorite stores, unbelievable infomercials, and celebrity driven marketing campaigns. With an influx of products in today’s marketplace, we hope to become your GPS.” Check out their awesome site here, but be sure you have some spare time while doing so because if you’re anything like yours truly, you may lose track of time browsing through their many features! Love them!