Sonia Ziegler Skateboarding Photographer and Fujifilm Ambassador

Meet Sonia Ziegler, a badass X-Photographer and Fujifilm Ambassador from Denmark who captures skateboarding in action. Sonia has visited thirty countries where she’s shot portraits, skaters, musicians and more. Every shot she captures is truly astonishing.

When I was 17, I bought my first camera, that happened to be a FUJIFILM X-Pro1, and today it seems like that particular purchase was meant to be. Ever since, I have shot photos of anything that caught my eye, but I have mainly done projects involving people. I care deeply for the planet we live on, and especially for all its inhabitants I am sharing it with. It constantly amazes me to experience the differences in cultures, looks and lifestyles of the many people across the Globe. I do many types of photography, but taking portraits of people who stand out of the crowd, from all corners of this marvelous world, is something that truly excites me.

Check out her most recent visual, “Different Breed” powered by FUJIFILM X Series & GFX.