sLvrsoul Jewelry | by Britt Bolton

Raised in Sun Valley, Idaho, Britt Bolton has always thrived on the allure and uncertainty embodied by nature. Britt grew up in an atmosphere where creativity was encouraged and ideas were challenged, so it’s no wonder she paved her own way into the fashion industry. Britt’s work as a model gave her an inside glimpse into the seductive world of fashion and provided the perfect opportunity for travel. With a founding passion for nature and exposure to fashion and travel Britt continues to push the boundaries as a jewelry designer. Innately talented, Britt is always experimenting with new concepts and is fearless when it comes to taking risks with her jewelry. Her handmade jewelry is rebellious by nature and is marked by her use of raw and rare stones. Britt strives to create an equilibrium between nature and fashion and leaves us with an unforgettable piece of wearable art. Love her! See more from her collection here!