Shira Sela | Illustrator/Designer

Hey Femmies! Sorry for the lack of updates these past few days! The Ellen Show was awesome! She’s such a beautiful person with great energy, and I hope to have great news to share soon regarding her neckties! Anywhooo, back to showcasing more beautiful talent! Allow me to introduce Shira Sela, illustrator and designer of Montreal, Canada. Shira works with both traditional and digital mediums and loves to use inks, markers, pastels, and various graphic and illustration softwares to create her awesome pieces. I absolutely love her choice of color, and see such inspiration in each design. Her work can be found in galleries & boutiques across the USA, Canada, Australia, UK and online. Along with her prints, below you can find Shira’s ring set collaboration with Cat of Polarity shop, who specializes in polarity lockets. Love both of these awesome ladies!