Shallow Pools Release Debut Single ‘It’s A You Thing’ and it Rocks

Although change is inevitable, Boston-based alt pop/rock trio shallow pools confront their rebrand with confidence. The debut single off of their upcoming fall EP, “It’s A You Thing.”, establishes a clear brand for shallow pools, mixing together influences of both pop rock and alternative, while maintaining meaningful (and painstakingly relatable) lyrics. The three-piece alternative/pop rock band from Massachusetts consisting of Jess Gromada (guitar), Glynnis Brennan (vocals, bass), and Ali Ajemian (drums), strives to promote inclusivity in their art, and to normalize seeing bands comprised of primarily women in their genre. It’s almost difficult to tell that “It’s A You Thing.” is just their debut; the visuals in the corresponding music video for the track display their individual personas, but also blend together a beautiful array of colors, simplified down to stunning performance-base sequences. Recorded at Reclaim Studios, the trio hopes to continue promoting their brand of inclusion through the upcoming releases of their next single “Sinking” at the end of the summer, and then with their 5-track EP later this fall. About the release of “It’s A You Thing.”, the band states:

“It’s A You Thing.” is the debut single off of shallow pools’ upcoming EP. The song is about being repeatedly let down by someone you care about. It originally started out as a song about a strained friendship, but it can be applied to any type of relationship.

These babes became friends in 2012, and started out playing acoustic covers for fun around their hometown. In early 2016, the group decided it was time to give songwriting a shot. They released an EP under a different name and played at notable Boston venues including the Middle East Downstairs and Upstairs, O’Brien’s, and the Hard Rock. As the group continued to evolve and grow sonically and aesthetically, a change in name was inevitable and in April of 2018 shallow pools surfaced. With a combination of rhythmic guitar, catchy melodies, and expressive lyrics, shallow pools offers a unique sound that bridges the gap between alternative and pop rock. They use music as a form of therapy, and lyrically draw inspiration from their own hardships ranging from loss, to strained relationships, to depression and anxiety. The group wants to establish a welcoming environment for people of all ages, sexualities, and gender identities. They understand the importance of LGBTQIA+ and female representation and hope that embracing their own identities will inspire others to do the same. After solidifying a new name and musical direction, the trio recorded with Chris Curran at Reclaim Music Studios in Thompson, CT. shallow pools plans to release their debut single “It’s A You Thing.” in mid-July, and a five song EP in the fall. Shortly after the release of  “It’s A You Thing.,” shallow pools will be opening for national touring acts such as VISTA and Walkney. “It’s A You Thing.” is out NOW