Sequoia Emmanuelle | Photographer

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Los Angeles based artist Sequoia Emmanuelle has a unique voice as a photographer utilizing her many creative talents together- including fashion design, set design, painting, wardrobe styling, film and graphic design. Dripping with color and texture, Sequoia’s work captures the essence of her generation of artists and immortalizes the avant-garde worlds of fashion, music, art, film and theatre as seen through her eyes. A graduate of photography at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, her unique style has been inspired and shaped by the raw and vibrant underground art scenes of New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Through her art, she creates magical wonderlands from which to transport and capture her subjects in their full archetypical glory.
Her striking photographs have appeared in numerous magazines and publications and her images are used on album art, editorial, look books, advertising campaigns, gallery shows, and music videos.

Publications- Italian Vogue, Zink Magazine, Vibe Magazine, Fault Magazine, Papercut Magazine, Kismet UK, Glassbook Magazine, Auxiliary Magazine, Sessions Magazine, Tinsel Tokyo magazine, Giuseppina Magazine, Empty Kingdom, Coilhouse Magazine, Dark Beauty magazine, The Catalyst Magazine, Stiletto Glam Magazine, Gothic Noir Magazine, Twisted Lamb, Haute Macabre, Lost at E Minor, Art Boom, Urban Ink, Ghubar (Paris), Imbibe magazine and more.

Clients- Beats Antique, Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, Rachel Brice, Sub Swara, Nyxyss, Jillian Ann, Sila, Fishtank Ensemble, Heavyweight Dub Champion, Lucent Dossier Vaudville Cirque, Lady Circus, Cassidy Haley, Tina Guo, Ana Sia, Eskmo, David Starfire, Goddess Alchemy, S&G Clothing, Skingraft, Gelareh, Wild Card, Jan Hilmer, Kayo Anime, Steam Trunk, Melodia Designs, JINN designs, Kucoon, Opal Moon Designs, Miss Be Designs, Plumed Serpent, MoMo Falana, Sefirah Fierce, Kayo Anime, Coco Mama, Maya Organic Jewelry, Tawapa, Miss G Designs, Bubbles N Frown, Ghost Dancer, QueenKing, 4D designs, 2013, Lekuin designs, and more.

Her work is incredible. Check out her amazing portfolio here!