Segovia Amil | Poet

“It is a shame to try and define poetry… to put lines in a category one can consider ‘brilliant’ or ‘mediocre’ should be considered a crime. How can we truly define what the heart and head spend hours collaborating on? How can we define what the human mind manifests within itself to try and explain the unexplainable? There are no rules to this passion, there is only poetry and poetry is a vast, brilliant spectrum of color that is to be enriched and explained by the mind as honestly and delicately as it can” that is the cry of poet, Segovia Amil, who does not christen her poetry anything other than: a small extension, the musings gathered of the two-sided face of the Dark Mother.

Her poetry is the sound that resonates off the chest of every woman and goes out into the world with odes of self creation, solitude, womanhood, youth, dark romanticism, spiritualism, mystery and divinity and female empowerment. The foundation of her work derives from her practice in Goddess-based spirituality, specifically that of the Dark. It’s gothic undertones provide the aesthetic and point of view that reaffirm her main message to “Embrace the Darkness.” Segovia Amil began writing in the warmer months of 2008, (ironically) the month of June landing in Gemini, the sign of communication and messengers. She has since continued to evolve her poetry and change its forms from spoken word and performance poetry to videography, audio and multimedia.

Her work has been featured in local art magazines like Nakid Magazine, Dream Factory, deVour Magazine, and elsewhere. Segovia Amil lives in Venice, California where she reads, writes and performs her poetry at local music and spoken word events. She was the first and former host of Wynwood’s monthly poetry and music event for artists and creative women, Blend the Femme at TSL Lounge during her time living in Wynwood, Fl.

Now, she continues her craft with the release of her first book of poetry and prose (expected late October of 2015). Her work continues to be a means of escape for women of all ages and walks of life, especially to those who find a home in the shadows and the Underworld.

Grab yourself a glass wine, light some candles, and enjoy the poetic words of this beautiful human.