Raw Femme Neckties | Ellen D.

Hey all! So I’m just about finished with a few minor adjustments to a couple neckties I’ve handmade with love, for the awesome Ellen Degeneres! Dana and I are cruising to LA tomorrow to attend her show on Tuesday, and I couldn’t be more excited! Just to remind you all, Raw Femme developed over my dream to create a line of custom neckties for women. I’ve always loved the simplicity of men’s clothing, and since I can remember, a tie has been my absolute favorite accessory. I believe my designs will make you feel feminine yet stylish all at the same time! Ellen is one of my top style icons, and to see her wearing one of my neckties would be so amazing. Keep your fingers crossed for me, and sorry if my blogging lacks for a few days! Thank you for all of the love and support my lovely Raw Femmies! 😉