Raw Femme Joins the United Nations Foundation to Achieve Gender Equality’Equal Everywhere’

Today marks the start of Women’s History Month for 2023, and we are proud to stand in partnership with our friends at the United Nations Foundation, who champion the change-makers working to ensure girls and women are #EqualEverywhere.

For the past 10 years, Raw Femme’s vision has placed a spotlight on the talent of emerging #women and non-binary artists of every medium. This vision has quickly transformed our supporters into a society of ambitious, innovative creatives from around the world, united by the idea that “we belong”. We’ve celebrated thousands of #artists, #musicians, #filmmakers, #photographers, #designers, and #entrepreneurs through both our digital platform and via live performances and events. We aim to continue making space for artists to be discovered, highlighted, and celebrated on a global scale in an effort to combat gender inequity in the art world.

Join us and the UN Foundation, and take on the challenge of gender equality across the globe. Find all opportunities at their website.

“When we act together, change happens.”