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  • Aretha Franklin | 50th Career Anniversary

    Columbia is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the legendary Aretha Franklin’s career with the first-ever collection of her entire Columbia output, including master takes, unissued performances, rare mono mixes and studio conversations. Aretha Franklin Complete on Columbia is a twelve-disc (eleven CDs and one DVD) box set that includes photos from the Sony Music Photo…

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  • Zela Lobb | Illustrator

    Zela Lobb aka Zela Zela, is an Ontario based illustrator who studied at Sheridan College in Oakville. Zela has a background of creating murals for over seven years, however recently expanded into illustrations a few years back. She takes inspiration from graffiti, tattoos and the Victorians, quite the awesome combination of influences if you ask…

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  • Feed Your Brain | Various Novelists

    Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was definitely busy, busy, busy. I was trying to recall the last time I sat down, and actually read a good book. Well, I can’t remember, and that’s a problem lol. I wanted to share a few novels and lady novelists with you, whose work stands…

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  • Cottrell B. Guidry | Actor, Model, Entrepreneur

    Hey Readers! We are certainly due for some new eye candy, and another edition of the “Men We Love” series aren’t we? With that said, it is an absolute pleasure to introduce my incredibly gifted friend Cottrell Guidry to all of you! I met this handsome man, when I first moved to Los Angeles, and…

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  • Sabrina Garrasi | Illustrator

    Sabrina is a super talented illustrator, who combines many different techniques such as ink, watercolor, crayons, and digital painting! “I love fashion and glamour style, but I love especially the sensuality and the femininity represented across the art. This is the main concept of my artworks.” Check out Sabrina’s website, where you can watch her…

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