Rebecca Edwards | Fashion

I’m sorry, but there is no style sexier than that of a “retro vixen” and designer Rebecca Edwards is on a mission to prove that to Las Vegas. Her amazing clothing line – Poison Candy – is truly one of its kind. From her versatile shorty shorts to her custom dresses, these beautiful garments are enough to transform you into whistle bait while enhancing your natural given gifts. 😉

Rebecca has been in love with fashion her entire life and is a graduate of the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. After spending several years as a freelance costume designer, Rebecca focused her attention on creating a cohesive line in 2005.  
Poison Candy is a rock n’ roll collection designed for fashion forward retro vixens. All Poison Candy items are original designs created from custom made patterns and manufactured in fabulous Las Vegas!

“Our products have always been manufactured in the US, as we strongly believe in supporting our local economy.  In doing so, we have had the fortunate pleasure of working with many talented artisans; bringing our customers a quality product while still maintaining the ethics the company was founded on. Rebecca continues to sew every sample herself and oversees all aspects of production.”

You can see more from her collection here. Support this awesome lady, love her!