Pits ‘N’ Wieners | Designer Sophie Duncan

My absolute favorite days are when they are spent with my Grammy! She is never afraid to go on adventures and experience new things. Our last outing led us to downtown Las Vegas, where we wandered into the coolest coffee house in town, The Beat Coffeehouse and Records on Fremont. After chatting it up with super cool barista, Heather, we decided to browse around the complex and check out all of the different art galleries. The building is two stories, with multiple rooms where artists or small business owners can rent out, and display their work or services. One vendor in particular, Sophie Duncan, made a lasting impression on me! Sophie owns an awesome company called Pits ‘N’ Wieners, consisting of cute silk-screened tee’s modeled after her beloved and adorable pitbull Daisy, and wiener pup Charlotte. Daisy of course represented as the Angel of the two with a cute halo above her head, and Charlotte sinfully rawkin’ devil horns. Something you’d expect to be have a more opposite appeal haha. Not only does Sophie sell tees, but also personally designed jewelry, all hand-made, sterling silver, with beautifully crafted fine silver pendants. If you’re a dog lover, you’re bound to fall in love with her designs! Sophie is located inside Emergency Arts at 520 Fremont Street, be sure to stop by and say hello next time you’re downtown!