Oscar Qualified Live Action Short | African Chelsea

I was given the honor by actress Corinne Becker, to review a live short film starring herself and Oscar nominee Sally Kirkland. African Chelsea is a powerful examination of a young woman struggling to find her place in Los Angeles. The films introduction offers viewers a close-up of a beautiful woman, with piercing eyes and a short hot pink wig used to cover not only her long brown locks, but ultimately her purpose behind the prop. As a viewer, I almost immediately felt a sense of empathy for the character. I demanded to know why so much pain was bestowed upon this woman, to drive her to such grim and hopeless scenarios. A question soon to be answered by the character’s Mother and her erratic behavior. No full insight of the background of the two character’s relationship is presented, however despite the pervasive gloom holds a moment of understanding between the Mother and Daughter. A moment to quickly be disturbed by a tragic ending one would wish could have been prevented. The acting in this short is one to acknowledge and applaud. Within a six minute time frame, the talented actors leave you wanting more from their heart-felt performances. The live action short is eligible for the Academy Awards, an honor it so rightfully deserves. Short to say the least, this film is nothing short of a masterpiece.