Omayra Amador | Artist


Omayra Amador is a Puerto Rican native raised in NYC. She was trained at Parsons School of Design and graduated in 09’ with a Bachelor of Fine Arts; with an emphasis and concentration on painting and minored in Illustration. She also studied in Paris for six months and was inspired by the elusive Banksy; this is when she began exploring aspects of street art. She moved out to Las Vegas in 2010 and began her Milk the Bunny series, colorful portraits of rabbits with a unicorn horn.

Her work primarily focuses on subject matters that she has personal connections with.

Parallel universes, nostalgia and childhood recollections are themes that she is currently examining together and apart as their own entity. In exploring them together, she is interested in how each element can create a familiar sense of belonging.

Creating art by any means necessary is Omayra’s daily goal. Fine art and street art are in the same plateau for her as they are informing one another in her current works, and in turn creating a world for her subject matters to live in. Omayra currently resides and works as a full time artist in Las Vegas alongside her husband and dog, Harley Quinn.

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You will also have the opportunity to meet Omayra at the Femme Friday showcase on July 1st in Downtown Las Vegas. You won’t want to miss her live installation piece! Love her work!