A New Chapter Awaits For Sister House & Founder Ashley Ayala

Rooted in intentional community, Sister House Collective was founded by Ashley Ayala in 2014, created from the belief that every person has the ability to impact the world. More than a shop, or a brand, or a workspace, Ashley’s vision has cultivated a thoughtful, empowered way of life.

“One thing I love about the evolution of Sister House is how grassroots it is. I will never use people as steps to get to the top. I will never value money over the people who work in earnest to live a worthwhile life.”

For the past year, Ashley and her team operated a brick and mortar shop in Downtown Las Vegas which served three purposes:

  • To share a highly curated collection of handcrafted items that have been made by women in developing communities and more local communities in the U.S. and Canada.
  • To serve as a space for local artists to take residency and have a place to call home amongst other creative spirits.
  • To promote and provide community workshops and events that engage on a variety of subjects.

To say that Ashley succeeded in this venture, would be a true understatement. Sister House blessed our community with a space where you could not only purchase quality products knowing that the purchases directly impact the lives of the artisans who created them, but provided a liberating environment for creatives to meet and collaborate.

With the New Year in full bloom, Ashley is prepared to turn a new chapter by transitioning the brand to an online space, by sharing brand stories behind the products she chooses to sell at Sister House Collective. Interviews with social impact company founders, studio tours of local Las Vegas makers, and many behind-the-scene looks of collaborations and the day-to-day of Ashley’s process growing as a socially conscious lifestyle brand.

In celebration of Sister House’s online store transition, on Saturday, February 3rd, one last pop-up event will take place in the empty shop to help fund the new initiatives ahead. Tickets are $25 and be purchased here! Join our community as we come together as we cheers to Ashley’s inspiring journey with food, music & pop-up screen printing (and in the spirit of sustainability, you can bring your own shirt/tote/jacket to be printed on!)

This year has brought so much community and collaboration into my life. And as a creative, having a communal space to share ideas and encourage one another I feel truly pushed us all to grow this year.

Thank you for everything, Ashley! Your vision inspires us all.