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Meet Moorea Masa, the Singer-Songwriter Behind Vocal Masterpiece ‘I Can’t Tell’


Meet the incomparable, soulful, singer-songwriter Moorea Masa. A Portland native, the 25-year-old brings an organic Northwest vibe to traditional R&B sounds. Profoundly moving, she blends sumptuous soul together with stripped-back folk harmonies. After working as a featured vocalist and backing singer for a range of artists, including KD Lang, Allen Stone, El Vy, The Decemberists, Nick Waterhouse, The Motet and more, she released her debut ER in May 2017 and is set to release her next album in collaboration with producer Jmost this spring. She has toured nationally as a solo artist, and previously as part of The Ruby Pines and Ural Thomas & The Pain.

Moorea is fresh off the release of “I Can’t Tell”, the first single from her forthcoming full-length album available this Spring. The seductive tune is accompanied by a sultry and intimate music video that compliments the smooth love song.

The babes at Big Picture Media presented us with an opportunity to interview the soulful songstress and we couldn’t be more grateful. Get to know Moorea below and support her incredible work!

What initially inspired you to become an artist?
I’ve been singing since I could talk, and before I knew it was a thing you could do. Then when I figured out people did it as there careers, I just knew that’s what I wanted for my life! As well as when I realized how powerful of a tool for good music could be, and that I could combine all the different aspects of art and performing that I loved, I was officially hooked. 

Where do you usually gather songwriting inspiration? And what is your usual songwriting process?
I gather my inspiration from my past, my daily process, the world and it’s current state. I’m always soaking in inspiration from all around me. This album has a ton of songwriting collaborations which I love doing as well, but the songwriting process really looks so different every time. Some songs come in an hour, and some take years. It’s all over the place.

Tell us about the message behind ‘I Can’t Tell’. I love the intimacy and rawness of the track, and the production of the music video tells such a beautiful story.
The song was inspired by the greatest love in my life, my partner Steve Watkins. I wanted to share the many different aspects of love he has shown me. The sweet sensual and stable side, and the raw passionate side as well. I wanted to show the story of two individuals who come together to love one another, and who don’t lose their own lights in the process.

You’re only 25-years-young, but your sound feels seasoned beyond your years. How do you maintain your musical authenticity despite the music business’ hurdles of being both young and a woman?
I’ve experienced sooo many older men trying to tell me how I and my music should be. Learning to really listen to my own self in the process has been a huge lesson, that hasn’t always been easy. I am so grateful for the people I have in my closest circle to keep me grounded when I start to get outside of myself. Meditation has also been a big help for me in this. Always coming back to the main reason and  purpose I make music is so helpful. 

What do you want listeners to take away from your forthcoming album?
I hope they hear it and feel less alone with wherever they are at in their own life. 

I hope they can really feel their own emotions through the music, and that it can help them process whatever it is they may be going through. 

If you could cut a record with any artist, male or female, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Ooooo, oh man. Stevie Wonder. He’s just one of the most incredible musicians, and joyful humans out there. To get to see his process would be unreal. 

Can we look forward to a tour this year?
Yes! Be on the look out in May for a CD release tour. I’ve got some really exciting collaborations up my sleeve for that one! 

What words of wisdom can you share with aspiring female musicians and entrepreneurs?
Keep going, don’t stop. It can get so hard, but I promise you’re not alone in your fears and doubts. Lift up the womxn and folks up around you. The stronger your community is, the better you are. Everyones got opinions, and you should keep yourself open, but ultimately listen your own heart. We need your voice more than ever right now! 

What’s your interpretation of a Raw Femme?
Unapologetically you. Strong, vulnerable, powerful, brave you.