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Meet Rocio Ruiz, Ceramicist and Owner of MIST Art Studio

Rocio Ruiz, Argentinian Ceramicist.


Creator of the Week, Rocio Ruiz, is a talented Ceramic Artist (Ceramicist) based in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. With a passion for clay and an innate ability to create intricate and mesmerizing pieces, Rocio has established herself as a prominent figure in the local art scene.

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, Rocio’s creations reflect a harmonious blend of organic forms and abstract designs. Each piece tells a story, showcasing Rocio’s deep connection to nature and her ability to translate emotions into tangible objects.

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Rocio is also committed to sharing her knowledge and passion for ceramics with others. She regularly conducts workshops and classes at our favorite lifestyle boutique, Akin Cooperative, in Downtown Las Vegas, where she imparts her expertise and encourages others to explore their own artistic voice. Rocio’s dedication to the art form and her genuine desire to inspire others have made her a beloved figure within the Las Vegas creative community.

We are delighted to celebrate Rocio as our Creator of the Week!

Thank you for being our Creator of the Week! Please introduce yourself to our readers.

 My names Rocio Ruiz, I’m a ceramicist from Argentina originally, I’m 29-years-old and founder of MIST Art Studio!

Tell us about your background and the road that led you to pursuing your chosen your art medium.

 I have learned and curated a deep practice based knowledge in various studios around Mexico during my years living and working in the Yucatan and Baja regions of Mexico, (5 years in total), I had the opportunities to work with low and high temperature pottery styles.

One day I went to a pottery class and I just loved it so much that I asked my teacher if he could keep teaching me independently and after a few classes, I asked him if I could come to his studio and apprentice to keep learning and aid in his production. He said yes, that’s how I started working with clay and I fell in love with it more and more every day. 

Flash forward to today regarding my first personal project: MIST Art Studio I work with high temperature ceramics (cone 5) made by hand, each piece is made one by one, using both the potter’s wheel as well as several different modeling techniques such as pinching, coiling and slab building.

How does art impact your life, and what role does it play in shaping your personal expression and identity?

Art was always a part of my life thanks to my mom who chose a school where we took drama and theater classes every year as well as music classes, where of course I was the first one to raise my hand and participate in every activity (mostly acting). On top of that, my mom was always doing something with her hands at  home or taking classes and teaching us everything she would learn, encouraging us every summer to do an art project and to spend the days exploring our creativity. 

I think I’m more and more similar to her nowadays, I mean, I always think I can fix it, clean it, sand it and paint it and make it more beautiful or useful. I’m stubborn like that. I love giving things a second opportunity; using my hands to do something is my love language, I think if I make it with my hand it’s more significant and valuable (I love cooking too, which is in so many ways similar to pottery) and it’s the best way for me to learn about things, I’m definitely not a “sit down and read” kind of person haha.

What role do you believe local artists play in shaping the cultural identity and vibrancy of our community?

I think it’s very important to remember that art is such a deep part of our cultures, it’s a beautiful way to honor them and to express ourselves in a positive, creative way. Sharing the process with others, allowing others to understand what it takes to make art is also so therapeutic. It’s a way to remember to slow down and that not everything has to be fast. Right now people are so glued to their phones or televisions for creative amusement.

How does our local community influence or inspire your artistic process? How would you like to see Las Vegas evolve artistically?

The art community in Las Vegas is just amazing and I am so grateful for starting my brand here and all the amazing people I met through the time I’ve been here, being around them inspires me so much to keep going, to take risks, to try and expose my fears about my process because there’s more people going through the same process and elements as me. I was also so inspired by the nature and incredibly scenic areas out here in Nevada, I never knew that Las Vegas had so much beautiful natural areas out there. 

I would love to see Las Vegas keep pushing on what we are doing because there is so much to offer and so much talent here, the markets, the shows, events, and all the collectives and showcases, I would love for more people to know about us and the up-and-coming Las Vegas scene that is growing beautifully and flourishing. 

How do you stay motivated and inspired? Are there any rituals or practices that help you maintain creativity, mental health, and overcome creative blocks?

My husband is a big inspiration for me, he is always taking me to new places to see around the country and here in Las Vegas as well like the immersive or experiential activities, as well as trying new food all the time. That makes me think of flavors, textures and sensations that I can feel and touch. Being a part of the community, being present in events, markets, launchings, mixers and art gatherings. It inspires me so much to talk with other artists and know how they do, what they think, how their life, what they want for life in general and collaborating with them too, mixing ideas. 

Can you share a memorable or defining moment in your career so far? What made it special or significant to you?

A few days ago I did my first ever exhibition, and I can not be more happy and proud of myself for putting myself out there and being able to receive the compliments and actually believing and trusting them finally. 

Tell us about a collaboration that has contributed to your artistic journey and growth.

After a few months in the country and in Vegas too, an amazing local ceramicist, Anthony from Animal House Pottery, invited me to attend a Raku session, I went and I was immediately obsessed with the technique so I proposed an offer to him to produce a workshop where everyone can try this technique and we’ve been teaching a few workshops since that point. He knows a lot about pottery and I’m so grateful to be his friend now and collaborate with him. 

Also I have collaborated with a good friend of mine now, Shelby from ShopAkouo a few times already. I love her ideas and how she let me put my imprint on the designs.

I collaborated with Sierra from Flower Faction, to produce a ceramic, sustainable massage lotion candle vessel, which came out so cute!

I collaborated with my friend Mariana from marianna.ro.ar to bring a planter painting and succulent learning workshop, where I made the planters.

I’m collaborating with Future Makers LV, making different pieces for the kids to paint and there’s more coming soon with other small businesses that I love. 

Looking ahead, are there any upcoming projects or events that you’re looking forward to and how can our community support you?

I have a lot of ideas to put onto clay soon, but for now I can say that I’ll keep exploring the lamp field and big scale decor pieces. The community can support sharing, commenting, giving constructive criticism and letting me know what they think about my work so I can keep growing and learning from this amazing process. And, of course, keep buying haha!

What is your interpretation of a Raw Femme?

An opportunity to visibilize artistic women who want to live from their art and express life through it.

Photo by Sonia Barcelona.