Meet the Panelists of the Female Founder Workshop

For the next edition of the Female Founder Workshop, we have teamed up with some of the Las Vegas community’s most powerful and influential women who are current leaders in their respective careers. With the expertise, we will discuss building leadership skills and how to leverage those skills for achieving success as an existing or aspiring entrepreneur. Followed by a dedicated co-working hour where guests are encouraged to bring their laptops, tablets, notebooks, and marketing materials for project collaboration.

The Female Founder Workshop was designed create an environment for women to come together and exchange ideas, share business tips and engage in positive conversation to spur creativity and leadership.

Ashley Ayala

In 2014, founder, Ashley Ayala made a career shift from her job as an in-home care provider and summer camp art director for special needs adults to starting Sister House Collective. That year, she was inspired when she traveled to Southeast Asia with the intention of finding a job working with sex trafficking victims. Instead, while in Thailand and Cambodia, Ayala learned that many trafficking survivors were thriving in rehab programs while making handmade goods. “I wanted to bring these beautiful products to the U.S., specifically Las Vegas, and engage the public through handcrafted commerce, opening the door to conversations about things that really matter—like men, women and children being abused all over the world for the sake of human consumption. We all like things like jewelry and throw pillows. And we all have friends and family who appreciate a good gift. I really want to see creative culture thrive, and do to that, creative entrepreneurs need to have a space to meet and collaborate.” –

Molly Higgins

After working with Sofar Sounds in NYC, I received approval from the Sofar global team to establish a Las Vegas branch. As founding city ambassador, my responsibilities include: recruiting and building a hard-working and passionate team; connecting with local artists; venue and host outreach; community outreach and marketing; coordinating shows and show set up; as well as managing finances.

Dr. Vicki Coleman

Dr. Coleman is President/CEO of The Coleman Group and The Anger Doctor, comprehensive management consulting firms specializing in Anger Management, Mediation, Human Capital, Training, and Research.

She is also an Online Professor of Psychology, Counseling, and Human Services. With expertise in distance education and the virtual classroom, Dr. Coleman is proficient in ANGEL, Blackboard, eCollege, Moodle, WebCT, and Wimba platforms.

A former tenured professor at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, she has also held positions in mental health, social services, criminal justice, food & beverage, gaming, and transportation, including the State University of New York, Northwestern University, Utah State University, Educational Testing Service, and American Airlines.

Specialties: Anger Management, Domestic Violence, Sports Counseling, Mediation, Substance Abuse Evaluations, Psychotherapy, Human Capital, Training, Research.

Currently President of the Las Vegas Chapter of National Association of Professional Women, Dr. Coleman unites a community of diverse business women. As the largest, most-recognized networking organization of professional women in the country, spanning virtually every industry and profession, the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) is a powerfully vibrant networking community with more than 850,000 members and over 200 Local Chapters.

Jennifer Taler

As a leader in creative initiatives, Jennifer Taler has managed operations for brands, including Zappos, Stitch Factory, and her latest project, Fergusons Downtown.

Fergusons is a downtown market square, rooted in community, celebrating music, art, nature and local creators. Through the revitalization of the historic Fergusons Motel, our mission is to cultivate a diverse and inviting community that fosters creativity and passion. From the shops of local makers to restaurants and an enchanting green space, Fergusons is a place where you can connect, shop, sleep, eat and explore.

Joy Hoover

Joy Hoover is the Founder and President of The Cupcake Girls, and has over eight years of nonprofit leadership experience, and demonstrated expertise in developing innovative solutions to drive and navigate change. Joy has been featured in TEDxWomen, The LA Times, Huffington Post, Fox News, and The Leadership Journal. Combining her early career in fashion and hair with her passion for helping people, Joy believes it’s imperative to wake up every morning and show up with bravery, tenacity, and humility. Her fight to assist marginalized communities has drastically changed not only the lives of the thousands of clients she has empowered in their own pursuits, but her life, too, and those of the audiences who have listened to her story. Joy is on a mission to inspire others to journey through their own stories with authenticity and hope, overcome fear, fulfill their passions, achieve their goals, and uncover their purpose.

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