Meet Emilie Liu, Motion Graphics Designer and Art Director


Emilie Liu is a bad ass art director, motion graphics designer and animator based in Brooklyn, who loves to wander around the world. Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, she moved to NY to persuade a career in the motion graphics field. After graduating from School of Visual Arts, she started freelancing as a motion graphics artist at many of the leading production companies such as Blacklist, Psyop, Buck, The Mill, Brand New School, and many more. Her clients include Facebook, Nick Jr., eBay, Nat Geo, Ford, Honda, and many others.

She loves the process of visualizing abstract concepts. As a multi-disciplinary art director, she always seeks the best visual resolution that speaks the most to the target audience and for the client.

Her series, Motion Wanderer, depicts an ongoing motion journey that documents what she sees when traveling or working in New York with her personal and fun-loving sense of humor.

In celebration of Giphy Asian Pride Month, she was commissioned to create a graphic that she describes as Objective Self V.S. Subjective Self.

Commissioned work for Giphy Asian Heritage Month. There are always too many boundaries for girls in Asian society. How you should look, what you should or shouldn’t do. Sometimes I feel like being watched by the whole society, I want to twist that and hope the way girls see them from themselves. Be the best self each girl want the be.

When not working, you can find her get her hands very dirty on drawing, hand lettering, and furniture making. Follow and support!