Marilyn Rondon | Artist


Marilyn Rondon grew up in Miami. Drawing and writing as an adolescent, she attended an art high school where she was able to thrive in her creations as well as learn graphic design. Much of her studies have helped craft her practice and perfect it within a variety of mediums. When I first encountered her works, I was struck by her use of bold colors, thick black lines and the most striking facial features. Additionally, in many of her works, the text embedded within looks as if it has been digitally created but no, they aren’t created on a computer but by hand. Rondon’s paintings of ladies have allowed her to play within a field of color while celebrating female power, a metaphor for celebrating her own vibrancy, power, and strength. Every brushstroke, every detail illuminates her walls and canvases and brightens up every space they encounter. –Andrea Zlotowitz / Nakid Magazine.

While browsing Marilyn’s work on her website, I felt so privileged for an opportunity to step into her world, even virtually. She’s real, and it shows in her work. Support this bad ass babe right meow.