Make a Plan to Vote! Womxn’s Rights and the Arts Need Your Voice


Today is Latina Equal Pay Day! Did you know that Latinas earn an average of 55 cents for every dollar paid to their male counterparts?

To help combat the gender pay gap and the many issues American womxn face today, we teamed up with our friends at Culture Surge to encourage folks to “squad up” and ask 3 friends or family members if they have a plan to vote.

With over two dozen members and organizations, Culture Surge is a broad coalition of change makers working together in this vital moment for the survival of our communities, our democracy, and our shared future.

We believe that artists and culture makers are the visionary leaders needed to galvanize us towards a future rooted in justice, care, and connection. During this pivotal election year and unprecedented public health crisis, Culture Surge will provide the coordination, resources and direction to maximize the collective impact of cultural influencers, artists, strategists, and movement leaders.

To celebrate the final stretch, we’re sharing creative content from #artists nationwide who are using their talents to spread the word on the importance of making your voice heard.

Make a plan to #vote in person, or if you still have your mail-in ballot, locate a drop-off location using Culture Surge’s make-a-plan tool at

Vote like our futures are bound together!

Art by Kayla Jones for Amplifier’s Power to the Polls campaign.
Votantes Unidos | Andrea Rosales (IG: @andrealrosales) | Digital Illustration Commissioned by Culture Surge
Art by Erin McAdams for Amplifier’s Power to the Polls campaign
Amanda Leigh for The Center for Cultural Power’s Bring the Movement to the Ballot Box campaign
IG: @leigh.corbett
Micah Bazant (IG: @micahbazant), in collaboration with Alice Wong and National Disability Rights Network | Digital Illustration Commissioned by Culture Surge.

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