Lxandra Explores Grief and Self-Discovery in ‘Might Not Wanna Wake Up’ EP

Alt Pop Artist Lxandra EP release photo by Lumi Hartikainen.

Finnish alt-pop sensation Lxandra drops their powerful EP “Might Not Wanna Wake Up,” exploring self-discovery, grief, and healing. The intimate six-track project, born from the ruins of the past, follows the stages of grief and is a poignant return to Lxandra’s roots. Comprising raw, emotive songs crafted in Finland’s countryside, the EP is a genuine depiction of life’s raw moments. Accompanying the release is the self-directed short film arriving on November 30, offering a visual journey through dreams, memories, and the five stages of grief. Lxandra’s latest track, “FU4EVER,” channels unapologetic anger, embracing the depths of humanity through raw and stirring production. The EP, highlighted by the previously released ballad “Sublime,” marks Lxandra’s continued exploration of grief and resilience. Growing up on Suomenlinna Island in Finland, Lxandra’s creative journey has gained international recognition, with past works featured in movies and TV shows. Now, with “Might Not Wanna Wake Up,” Lxandra invites listeners into a mesmerizing odyssey of self-discovery.

Hailing from the enchanting landscapes of Finland, Lxandra emerges as a songwriter, singer, and producer celebrated for their entrancing music. Their creative tapestry weaves together the gentle notes of piano, ethereal vocals, candid lyrics, and vibrant production, ensnaring the hearts of a global audience.

Lxandra’s formative years were spent on the picturesque island of Suomenlinna in Finland, a place that nurtured their artistic spirit. Their daily journey to school either involved taking the ferry or their parents’ boat to the mainland, “I can drive a boat, but I can’t drive a car,” the artist laughs.

Surrounded by a mere 800 residents, creativity was abundant in Lxandra’s upbringing. Influenced by luminaries like Prince, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, and Aretha Franklin, they immersed themselves in the enchanting tales of Hans Christian Andersen and the whimsical world of Tove Jansson’s Moomins.

In crafting their sonic fairytales, Lxandra adds a touch of wonder to reality. Their aspiration is simple yet profound: “I want people to feel. Maybe, it gives them strength or makes them feel melancholic. Maybe, they know there’s someone else who feels the same way. Music is a very personal and private experience for me. I’m grateful I get to share it and be vulnerable.”

Lxandra’s belief in music’s universal power to connect people is the cornerstone of their artistic journey. What sets them apart is the profound impact their music has on people’s lives, seamlessly weaving itself into their memories and daily existence. This transformative perspective on life has significantly influenced their latest work, infusing it with an authentic introspection that profoundly resonates with their listeners.

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Photo by Lumi Hartikainen. All rights reserved.