Luna Palazzolo | Photographer

Meet Argentinean artist Luna Palazzolo, an artist who demonstrated a connection to art from an early age. First experimenting with oil paintings, and then it evolved into photography at the age of 14.

Spending most of her childhood at her mother’s design company, it’s was only natural that her artistic style would be heavily influenced by fashion. She took a more risky approach to photography by shooting prostitutes and transvestites – with hope to give them a voice otherwise unheard. Luna’s work pushes cultural standards and society’s notion of sexuality, making it thought-provoking. She has been awarded in recognition for photography and plastic arts, presented opportunities to learn under masters of both visual arts and photography. Luna has photographed for international magazines, held solo shows in Italy, Argentina, and Miami and will be presenting her new work in Tokyo on may 2017. Support this amazing Femme!