Lucinda ‘La Morena’ Hinojos Makes History as the First Chicana, Native-American Artist to Design Artwork for the Super Bowl

Lucinda “La Morena” Hinojos makes history as the first Chicana and Native-American artist to partner with the NFL and design artwork for Super Bowl 57. She is an Internationally known muralist and painter born and raised in Glendale, AZ. She is Xicana: Apache and Yaqui Descent, whose art is inspired by her roots, quickly gaining popularity around the country due to her incredible talent and commitment to social justice issues.

Her murals and paintings are influenced stylistically and thematically by Chicano, Indigenous Art and Spirituality. She embodies the aesthetic and ideals of Chicano Culture, Native issues and sets it in a contemporary context creating a dialect between art and society. She has worked alongside Civil Rights Organizations non-profits such as: Promise AZ,  ACLU of Arizona, ACLU Nationwide, Poder in Action and LUCHA.  In May of 2018, Lucinda was recognized for her work and advocacy inside The Arizona State Senate by Senator Catherine Miranda. In May 2019 AZ Congressman Greg Stanton met Lucinda to discuss her #MMIW Mural and the topic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women. 

The beautiful design is featured throughout Phoenix, Arizona for Super Bowl LVII, including the game magazine, ticket design, and more. The art piece itself features multiple symbols that represent key parts of the culture and history in Arizona. Reflected on the Vince Lombardi Trophy is the White Tank Mountains, which can be seen behind State Farm Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals and Super Bowl LVII. In addition, on each side of the trophy, Hinojos depicts a Fancy Shawl dancer and an Azteca dancer to pay homage to the Indigenous tribes in Arizona. Her ultimate goal with her artwork is to unite and shed light on underrepresented communities of color in Arizona.

“I do this work in hopes of providing healing and medicine to people, but what also happens is there’s a human connection which naturally draws people in and it brings people together. That’s what every mural, every painting, I’ve seen that happen and I’m hoping that the same energy is brought with this painting, that it brings people together and there’s a human connection involved where people are talking about what this painting means to them. This is going to be in a space where there’s people from all over the world, Native, non-Native, Brown, White, African-American, Asian and that’s what’s beautiful to me. I’ve always thought that Super Bowl ticket is like the centerpiece of it all and for me to be the first Brown, Indigenous woman to do this – it’s pretty crazy, but this piece is like the center of it all and that brings that balance.”

You can purchase a copy of the official Super Bowl LVII game program art and support the local Arizona arts community. When you order the collectible, not only will you receive $1 off the already discounted price of the program, you will also be supporting Native Music Coalition, Arizona’s grassroots organization dedicated to helping native youth discover self-identity and preserve their culture through community building, education, oral history, and traditional musical arts.

Enter the code, NMC57 at checkout and your $1 will be deducted and $3 will be donated to Native Music Coalition. It’s a win-win!

Below is another addition to the NFL SuperBowl LVII Theme Art that Lucinda helped create where she partnered with animators to bring the work to life.

We are beyond excited to watch Lucinda continue to rise as a world-renowned artist and break further barriers for Chicanas everywhere.