Lov | Fashion Designer Vanessa Bruno

I’m in love with LOV, the film directed by Stephanie Di Gusto for the new autumn-winter 2011-2012 Vanessa Bruno collection. The video short stars the beautiful Kate Bosworth (you gotta love those eyes). “Her mysteriousness, her strength. Also another side to femininity, a stirring truthfulness which is renewed with every look, every movement accompanied by a wisp of assertiveness and purity. A new gracefulness progressing to a confident allure, conquering, a battling frailty.” Everything about this video is brilliant, I’ve been left in complete awe. Check out Kate’s interview with style.com here, where she discusses her role as Lov’s daring heroine. Amazing all around, not to mention Vanessa’s collection looks so chic and beautifully crafted. Like Kate says, she really knows how to design for a woman!