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Lizzy Plapinger Plays First Headline Set as LPX

London native and New York Based Lizzy Plapinger, the cofounder of Neon Gold Records and half of the power duo behind MS MR, is no stranger to the music world. The latest step in her solo music career has us on the edge of our seats as Lizzy has been releasing singles in the form of chaotic, colorful, and intriguing music videos. In March she released the video for Tightrope, directed by Mafalda Millies, in which we see art meet music to create what seem like optical illusions as Lizzy moves and dances through a void while stunningly reflecting red and blue light. Last month Lizzy released her latest video for the song Tremble, also directed by Millies, which plays like a wild vision of light work and self introspection.

Both songs and their respective videos showcase Lizzy’s infinite capacity for passion and creativity, not only wowing viewers with bold colors and costumes, but also with lyrics that put our feelings into words. The new era of Lizzy, a.k.a. LPX, and her music is in our forecast as the new wave of women who rock. Her collaboration with Mafalda Millies for art direction, as well as her collaboration with Alexandra Cronan for costume design in the Tightrope video, shows Lizzy’s commitment to her fellow creative women, which is totally something worth noting. Creative and talented women like Lizzy who support other creative and talented women in the industry is what we love to see, now and forever! Click here to watch and listen to the latest LPX single Tremble!

Photo courtesy LPX