Larissa Vale Lead Vocalist of Black Satellite

Meet Larissa Vale, lead vocalist of NYC rock duo Black Satellite! Larissa along with her babemate, Kyle Hawken, crash-landed in the rock scene with their debut single “Valkyrie” and their forthcoming album Endless (out July 7th) is sure to sky-rocket them to a whole new level. “Thought-provoking, modern, and tastefully aggressive,” Black Satellite are prepped to usher in a new era of out-of-this-world rock.

Founded in the duo’s hometown of State College, Pennsylvania. Having written music together for almost six years, the sound they’ve developed is a culmination of a deep-rooted partnership contributing to their unified writing style. “For us, Endless is very much a journey of conflict, self-acceptance, and desire,” Vale remarked about the forthcoming album, “Finding a balance amidst the chaos.”

“All of my inspirations, vocally, are from male singers” Larissa said of her dynamic sound across every Black Satellite track, “I feel like my vocal style is something that’s uniquely different about our band.” From gentle verses to powerhouse choruses, it’s Larissa Vale’s voice that makes Black Satellite standout — Not to mention Kyle Hawkens insane guitar riffs to boot. 

Support Larissa’s blow-your-mind talent and her badassery for going beyond the “female-fronted” label.