Lara Kincanon | Singer-Songwriter

Lara Kincanon sings folk music. Don’t freak out, this won’t be your Dad’s folk music. Her artful lyrics convey a nostalgic glance back at last night’s whiskey-drenched decisions that led to waking up in a stranger’s bed. Dads, don’t freak out, there are also songs about flowers and sunsets and LA lights that sing back at you. Because they do. Just listen. Lara was born in Sacramento, found her guitar calluses in Los Angeles, and then found her musical stride in San Diego. She chose to stop at the border to continue her career as a musician/singer/songwriter/waitress in Southern California… and sometimes in Virginia. But then the folk becomes more country, which even freaks her out a little. People seem to like her style though. Pizzas have been burnt as the cooks have stopped to listen to her sing at a restaurant’s open mic. One boy cried when he overheard one of her songs through a bedroom door. Some say her music has the ability to see through people. I can’t say I don’t agree! Love her!