Lacey Micallef | Artist

Big Bud Press was started in 2015 by Lacey Micallef. As a professional artist and lifelong collector and trader of pins, Big Bud Press is the natural combination her two favorite pastimes. Each piece is designed by her and inspired by the people, places, and things she loves. Big Bud pins are meant to elevate your own unique personal style and aesthetic. They can stand alone as the finishing touch to an outfit, or can just as easily be blended in with your favorite pins on an old denim jacket – our pins look good on everything.

All of Big Bud’s pins are made in small batches just outside of New York City. Each pin is packaged in recyclable goods and mailed in a recyclable, biodegradable mailer.

Ms. Micallef was born in Canada and spent her formative years in rural Missouri. Lacey left her job as a preschool teacher to move to NYC and pursue a career in art in 2011. Since then she’s done work for AMC, MTV, Uniqlo, Tim and Eric, and more. She ran a successful online store for her art and goods for three years before closing up to refocus and launch what would become Big Bud Press. She currently lives in Florida with her husband and two dogs.