Kleur | Nail Art

Well hello all! Hope everyone’s week is getting off to a great start! Yesterday I found myself wearing flip flops due to the heat that is beginning to make its debut here in LV. I looked down at my toes and thought, yikes throw a little clear polish on those things at least! haha I’ve never really been a lady to make it a point to get my nails done on the regular, however my Mom does religiously! She actually went to school for it back in the day, and her technician Stacy has been her go to girl since I was a baby femme. I began researching awesome nail art and came across three super rad ladies by the name of Kleur. The Los Angeles-based collective is bringing nail art to the masses via custom nail art events in retail stores, art galleries, and other venues throughout Southern California and beyond. Kleur (“kuh-ler” the Afrikaans and Dutch translation of “color”) consists of Jaeme Estera, Nikko Gray, and Nita Pettus, three jewelry designers and music industry professionals. Jaeme Estera is a DJ, Nikko Gray is a singer/songwriter, and Nita Pettus works in record shop Poobah Records. “Most of our inspiration comes from our music and our environment. Most of our market comes from the fashion industry, considering they want the most modern handpainted designs. They love it,” says Estera, a graduate of Advance Beauty College in Garden Grove, Ca. These ladies definitely shine in this creative practice, talk about a side gig! What I love so much about the vision behind their work, is the fact that they contribute so much to their female peers. The majority of the events in which they participate, focus on the support of female empowerment and the creative arts. Check out a short video below of what these girls can do, courtesy of About Her Films! Don’t forget to head over to their website for more information and photos of their work! Love these ladies!

Mint Collection X Kleur Bay Area Edition from About Her Films on Vimeo.