Kibi James Release EP ‘Azúcar’

Introducing Ariana Abebe, Yvette Gonzalez, Miranda Corless, and Maria Gonzalez aka Kibi James. The women/non-binary fronted band met while studying at Georgia State in Atlanta, and bring a fresh sound to our ears with mellow surf-rock riffs, delicate drums, and dreamy vocals.

Coming from both Latinx and African descent, ‘Azúcar’ blends English and Spanish lyrics unique to each specific language, while making certain to highlight Ethiopian reggae influences in their sound.

Bilingual artists have two perspectives and stories derived from their experiences with language, and coming to terms with themselves through them both. That itself is really valuable.

– The Luna Collective Issue 11 x Inner Wave 

Kibi James aims to create a sound that brings people together by fusing positivity, culture, art and community.

Listen and support these talented Queens!