JL Schnabel | Designer

I am completely obsessed with Blood Milk Jewelry, founded and created by the beautiful JL Schnabel. Her jewelry is a combination of darkness, spirituality, and beauty.

“It was from this obsession, from this liminal place of grief, that I began to make objects for myself, my own kind mourning jewelry, to serve as ‘psychic armor.’ Despite my limited knowledge of jewel making, I taught myself some things, and learned others more formally, and thus, the results of my intense grappling with grief became physical manifestations.

Due to my academic background in literature and writing, I like to imbue my jewels with personal tales, historical contexts such as the Victorian Spiritualist movement and mythological references, mostly all of which surround the dark romanticism that the question of death often carries with it.”

Be sure to browse the entire collection and support this lovely lady.

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