Jillian Minter | Designer

Designer Jillian Minter draws on the energies of the city she calls home, Las Vegas, a fast-paced city sparkling and pulsing with neon in the sultry desert night, but also a city with a history and a culture beyond the impulse to rebuild bigger and better. Her design aesthetic is tempered by her work as a make-up artist and by her education in fashion. She’s studied make-up in Los Angeles and clothing design and couture in both Las Vegas and in London, gaining an international perspective. Working on the Strip, she’s studied styles from all over the world.

Jillian believes fashion is a fun, lively expression of myriad artistic elements–color, form, light, movement. She’s inspired by fabrics and texture, the look of sumptuous materials and the feel and texture of fabric. She relishes color: in her world, pink and leopard are neutrals! She isn’t afraid to show that less is definitely not “more.” More is more! Is there such a thing as being overdressed? Not likely.

Her online shop is coming soon! For now, follow her on Instagram and Twitter for updates. Dig her!