Jenny Palacios Releases New Single and Music Video ‘Convenient’

“I think I have a knack, like most people, for breaking my own heart by romanticizing situations. My new single and video, “Convenient,”serves as a reminder to take a step back and remember that even in seemingly powerless situations, you still hold the agency to remove yourself.”

Co-produced with Phoenix Arn-Horn (Softcult), “Convenient“, is a synth-pop gem with a warm synth bass groove that takes you on a gorgeous ride in the stars above. The lyrics segue between future and nostalgia, topped with Jenny’s ethereal and dreamy vocals.

Director Alex Mcfarland and photographer Jordy Clarke helped to create this hot and cold, alien-like environment. “We wanted to capture the feeling of being somewhere mesmerizing and confusing, that ultimately you don’t quite belong in. Kind of like in sci-fi films with multi-verses, where the protagonist grows weaker the longer they’re away. As much as they’d like to stay in this fantastical world, it’s not theirs to stay in.”

“I found in this particular relationship, I had to constantly ground myself, to see things for what they were at face value. As much as I wanted to be important to this person, I couldn’t force that, but what I can do is ensure that I’m important to myself.”

You deserve to protect your own heart.

Check out the music video below and stream the track on all music platforms SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.