Jawbreaking Lookbook 2012 | Aly Silverio

In 2008, Jawbreaking designer and founder, Aly Silverio started her business during the summer of her sophomore year of high school. Rebelling against the idea of looking for her first job, Aly started designing jewelry as a means to make some extra spending money. Using her bedroom’s walk-in closet as her studio and a beat up toaster oven from a thrift store, Aly experimented with polymer clay …to make jewelry. Through trial and error and feedback from her friends, Aly’s jewelry designs and techniques improved. With limited funds, Aly utilized the power of social networks like Facebook and Twitter to promote her business.

Jawbreaking now an independent clothing and accessory line immersed into the music scene through vending Warped Tour as well as sponsoring and vending other tours. Not only does music heavily inspire Jawbreaking’s designs, the brand is also used to support and promote bands and artists as well. Some sponsored bands include My Girl Friday, Set It Off, Paradise Fears, Megan & Liz, and more. Jawbreaking is also constantly worn by Pierre Bouvier of Simple Plan, as well as Emily Osment from Disney’s hit TV show, Hannah Montana.

Jawbreaking is a brand based on fun, love, good times and never giving up no matter the bumps in the road. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something, go for it, because you only live once. Love Aly and her line! Support this young fashionista!