“In The Gaps Between” | Pom Pom

Happy Monday All! Special treat for you today! One of our Femmebots by the name of Pom Pom, was kind enough to email me links to her awesome electro-pop-rock music. Originally from Sydney but but currently residing in Melbourne, Australia, Pom Pom has been gigging around Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for over two years! A master of multiple instruments, synth and vox, with a bad girl vocal range to boot, Pom Pom is well on her way to being crowned the Queen of the Underground Scene. Her track ‘Tuesday’ has recently been picked up for high rotation on traxx Radio. During a Pom Pom set you’re bound to experience everything from industrial dance to dubstep, grundgy pop to new wave to Industro pop. Every show is a high energy, sweaty dance-a-thon style with an ‘all or don’t bother’ attitude to performance. “Audience members at a pom pom gig are advised to wear their best ‘don’t F with me when I’m on the dance floor’ shoes and to thrash out big with myself and band mate Dash Dot.” Love her! Check out a few tracks above, then head over to her bandcamp page and support her work for a whoppin’ $5.00!