Illustrator Tallulah Fontaine a Voice For Women

You may recognize some of Tallulah Fontaine’s work without having known the artist, but with such dynamic work, we cannot let her go unrecognized. The Canadian illustrator and artist uses her work as a voice for women by incorporating themes of femininity, body politics, and even the chaos of making a house into a home. Earlier this year she played an important role in the 10 Actions, 100 Days campaign to fight for women’s rights in the U.S. by providing an illustration for postcards to be sent to lawmakers by women whose voices need to be heard. Her piece “Women For the Future” was featured in that campaign, which you can seen and downloaded below.

Tallulah has also collaborated multiple times with the band Purity Ring, her artwork is featured on their Another Eternity album cover as well as a series of tour posters. Tallulah always provides a refreshing point of view and her art not only tells a story, but also pushes the viewer to reflect on the complexities of daily life and how people relate to each other. So stay on the lookout out for her future artwork and don’t forget to check out some of her current work.

Photos courtesy of Tallulah Fontaine and Arden Wray.