Home Mint | Justin Timberlake & Estee Stanley

Style Innovator, Justin Timberlake, has teamed up with celebrity stylist and designer Esmee Stanley to curate one of the best home collections around. HomeMint promises to search the world to deliver products of the highest quality and incredible craftsmanship. They’re committed to bringing you a collection of new and inspiring home items that match your personal style. Justin and Esmee have collaborated with many independent designers to offer fresh and versatile pieces not found anywhere else. The collection will be available exclusively online at HomeMint.com, to members – who pay a monthly fee of $10 to enjoy discounts and early access to new products – and nonmembers alike. “A home should be inspiring and a reflection of you and HomeMint brings your individual style to your space.”

I have been a fan of Justin Timberlake for over 14 years, and have admired his ability to find success in his many business ventures. It seems like everything he touches turns to gold! But what I find most impressive, is his eagerness to collaborate with artists who deserve recognition.

 Check out homemint.com for more information and enjoy the awesome deals!