Happy Valentine’s Day 2022: Illustrations by Women-Identifying Artists and Designers

Happy Valentine’s Day 2022: Illustrations by Women-Identifying Artists and Designers

Love is in the air! And for many, that means the annual celebration of love with your partner, besties, or self. We compiled a collection of some of our favorite illustrations from women-identifying artists from around the world for your viewing and sharing pleasure.

We hope they’ll inspire you to spread the love and share them with someone special this Valentine’s Day.

Itzel Islas

Itzel Islas (she/her) is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based out of San Diego, California. Itzel grew up in Tijuana, México, which inspires a lot of her work. Other things that serve as inspiration for Itzel are her Mexican culture, vibrant color palettes and playful elements of everyday life. Her main medium is the computer, but she also loves sketching and incorporating hand-drawn elements into her designs. As founder & CEO of YAY Itzel, Itzel’s mission since 2016 has been to create a positive bi-cultural impact through design and empower folks to pursue their creative career.

Instagram: @yayitzel
Website: www.yaylandia.com

Roxanne Stewart

Roxanne Stewart is an an artist from Montreal, who specializes in animal portraits, pattern design & hand lettering.

Instagram: @roxannestewart.art
Website: www.roxannestewart.art

Stephanie Mzito

Loving yourself is key to a happy life. This is a love that should be felt every single day and Steph Mzito’s work perfectly illustrates the importance of this. As a doctoral student based in Montréal, Steph reminds us that Valentine’s Day holds a special place for self-love.

Instagram: @selfcarespotlight
Website: www.etsy.com/shop/selfcarespotlight

Lucía Types

Lucía is a Spanish Illustrator who loves to empower people with creative and colorful messages that make everyone feel they are worthy.

“Feminist struggle believer, I use my pencils to fight against inequality and to make visible sad realities like fatphobia, racism or mental health problems. I always try to show my vision of the world from a realistic perspective and talk about troubles I’ve lived firsthand, so I can express myself with my lettering pieces and my illustrations. I find inspiration in my favorite TV Shows, rock music and ironic motivational quotes that make you laugh. I love trying different styles and using super bright colors no matter the technique: digital, serigraphy, markers or acrylics.”

Instagram: @luciatypes
Website: www.luciatypes.com

Anna Santaguida

Anna Santaguida is a designer and professional doodler from the Garden State. She received her BFA in illustration from The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, and is currently work at Victoria’s Secret Pink as a Senior Graphic Designer.

Instagram: @banannabones
Website: www.annasantaguida.com

Kerrin Sue

Kerrin is not only an incredible artist who specializes in lettering & digital illustration, she is also a mental health advocate using her talent to empower and comfort people who need it most.

Instagram: @kerrinsue
Website: vsco.co/kerrinsusan/gallery

Nora: Mindful of Dreams

Nora is a cat lady and a dreamer. She loves writing and drawing about motivation, mindfulness, dreams, creativity, self-love and inner peace. “Life isn’t always easy so I also write about mental health: finding ways to tackle anxiety and depression, and learning to accept them and live with them.”

Cute couples are actually my favorite things to draw, especially cats, it makes me smile. This one I love because it’s not necessarily about love, it’s about friendship first. It’s about the feeling you get when you’re totally on the same wavelength with someone and every time you’re together, it’s magic. I can say it’s very rare for me to find people like that so when I do..it’s heartwarming.”

Instagram: @mindfulofdreamss
Website: www.mindfulofdreams.com

Lauryn Hartlauer

Instagram: @letteringwithlo
Website: www.etsy.com/shop/LetteringWithLo

Mia: Self Care Express

Mia is a digital content creator using self-love and advocacy to express her inner artist. Check out her amazing work and let her words heal you.

Instagram: @selfcarexpress

All work courtesy and copyright of the rightful artist and designer. Please credit accordingly.

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