Handcrafted Jewelry | AVGVSTA & AVGVSTVS

To define Avgvsta & Avgvstvs you only need one word, passion. Growing up, the Vaughn sisters were lucky enough to live a lavish lifestyle overseas. Spending most of their youth living in places like India and Egypt, they had a childhood fit for miniature Kings and Queens. But with the turn of events, the two found themselves dethroned and thrusted into the real world. With only memories of the past to fuel their ambition, the sisters realized their infatuation of life’s aesthetics and their need of sharing it with the world. Thus, the birth of Avgvsta & Avgvstvs. What first started as hobbies soon manifested itself into its own entity. With Julia’s passion in creating handcrafted jewelry and Samantha’s love of writing, it is now clear that this new being is all about the quality as well as the aesthetic. With a mixture of past and present, destruction and creation, imagination and the dull reality, Avgvsta & Avgvstvs is a brand to awaken your long lost childhood royalty.