Girls Got Kicks | Author Lori Lobenstine

Girls Got Kicks is the first ever photo documentary of badass females, told from a unique angle: their passion for sneakers. With hundreds of female sneaker fiends from around the globe, the book documents how these sneaker lovers use kicks to be both athletic and sexy, hip and tomboyish, grown and youthful, as they define who they are—and who women can be—on their own terms. Written by the founder of, Lori Lobenstine, and illustrated with powerful portraits by Amanda Lopez.” Last night was the official launch party for the book in NYC at GoliathNY, with an attendance consisting of a large group of dedicated sneaker heads. Lori has been the ultimate go-to sneaker girl since 2005, representing females all over the world who love and appreciate the sneaker culture. As someone who is fascinated by how girls and women use kicks to express themselves, she has become their voice and truly nailed it with this great publication. You can check out a few sample pages here! Love it!