Garage Gypsy Jewelry | Natasha Kutrovacz

Garage Gypsy is probably my favorite jewelry line of the moment. I’ve fallen in love with the earthy and organic feel of Natasha’s pieces! Combination’s of turquoise, leathers, preserved woods, sterling silver, and more, make for a perfect pairing of nature’s elegance with our society’s modernism. The natural aspects of each carefully designed and crafted piece, illustrate characteristics of originality and true beauty. Garage Gypsy was established in May of 2009 by designer Natasha Kutrovacz. Her background story can only be told in her words, and her words alone. “I was born and raised an hour outside of Chicago, I moved west to Los Angeles at a young age in pursuit of a dream. Not only was LA a place of opportunity, but a dwelling of inspiration and artistic energy. As a natural born fashionista, I was determined to find my niche in the world of design. Although I had been crafting, sewing and making jewelry since elementary school, it was a passion that went unnoticed. After advancing through jobs in the film industry, and learning the ropes of business as an a/p manager, I found myself doing product photography and website maintenance for a local furniture store, all of which were building blocks that would lead me to my current endeavor. It wasn’t long after the light bulb popped that I turned my passion for inventing unique pieces of jewelry into a business. For me, jewelry is a medium that allows me to share my creative passion and influence the world of fashion through my “works of art.” I believe strongly in individuality and the invention of one’s self. All of my designs are a one of kind, just as you are. Garage Gypsy Jewelry is made to last fifty years not just fifty minutes.” Such a beautiful outlook on life, and creativity. Visit her website for further info and to see more of Natasha’s one of a kind designs.