“Fjogur Piano” Featuring Shia LaBeouf | Sigur Ros

It’s a rarity these days when you have an emotional connection with art. Not that there is a lack of creativity outside our windows, but finding such emotion amongst the overload of Top 40 and all things popular makes this connection seem nonexistent.

I’ve been a loyal fan of the acclaimed Icelandic band Sigur Rós for quite sometime, and waiting patiently on pins and needles for new material. The band recently propositioned dozens of filmmakers to choose a song from its new album, “Valtari,” and shoot a video inspired by the music with a 10,000 dollar budget. Director Alma Har’el teamed up with actor Shia LaBeouf and professional dancer Denna Thomsen to create one of the most profound and visually stunning videos my eyes have ever seen. Who knew Shia had it in him. 😉

The beautiful choreography illustrates a sequence of scenes involving a couple caught up in a destructive spiral, possibly revolving around drug addiction, lovesick co-dependence or both. The artistic expression takes you to a place where your heart aches for the actors. It’s art in its purest form.

Sigur Ros – Fjögur Píanó from Alma Har'el on Vimeo.

Viewer discretion is advised aka lots of screen time for Shia’s man parts!