Twinks Burnett | Interview

London based Fashion Stylist and Creative Director, Twinks Burnett, champions and celebrates innovative fashion with a unique narrative. Diverse and direct, Twinks is fast creating a track record that speaks for itself, having directed campaigns for fresh and emerging designers such as: Katie Jones, Sadie Clayton and Jane Bowler. With effortless fluidity, Twinks’ adaptable approach has seen her express her talents through a variety of mediums, from film and fashion shows to personal and artist styling. She is also a former Fashion editor for UPRAW Magazine, contributing fashion editor at Noctis with work that has featured in multiple publications such as:, Wonderland, i-D online, Volt, Atlas, Jute, The Powder room, Spindle to name a few.

Check out our exclusive interview with one of the fashion industry’s most inspirational women. Visit Twinks’ website to view her entire portfolio and support!

Describe your style in 3 words.
Bold, bright, bodacious

How did you get your start in styling?
I have always expressed myself through my personal style and aesthetic identity. It wasn’t until I was 22 that it all started to make sense! I found a way to express myself through styling that literally made me feel complete. I love my job, I love creating and developing concepts and literally seeing the conception form in front of you! I Love working with varied people and filling them with love. Be it an hour or day, I always want people to walk off my sets feeling enpowered! I started styling at university, hunting down the most creative and talented students. Creating, experimenting with my craft and evolving. I won the fashion styling and creative direction award at Graduate fashion week. Since then I have worked freelance with a contract at Harrods magazine, contributions to other publications and working with independent brands.

First fashion memory?
I had been collecting vogue since the age of 12. I always had a very particular look growing up! I always knew my sense of self as far as my look was concerned! My family are a very stylish bunch, I must have picked it up in the genetics department.

Who are your style icons?
Diana Vreeland, her dedication to fashion ad and colour red is legendary! I haven’t changed the cololur of my nails in 7 years so I appreciate a commited colour fab! I adore all of the advanced style and fabulous fashionistas…. Mature style, that transsends decades and eras, they are my leading ladies. So chic and extravagant! I love icons such as Marie Antionette or Queen Cleopatra, first generation feminist and style icons!

Bianca Jagger or the glorious Edie Segwick, I think I would have been a good addition to the factory or studio 54 back in the day.

I am currently obsessed with Petite Meller, she’s to kooky and gorgeous French sass pot, to be her stylist would be a dream!

What’s the most fun and the most challenging part of your job?
I love the variety, I get to work on creating different content, but when a job comes in its go go go! Its like spinning plates…! Theres a lot of politics within the fashion industry, figuring them out is a personal quest.

You’ve worn various fashionable hats, including creative director, contributing fashion editor, and associate lecturer at Bucks University. Do you find it easy to adapt to multiple roles in the fashion industry?
You have to be a multi faceted creative to be able to survive In this industry. There are so many more skills I wish I possessed. I love being a stylist, but I do so much more than just directly work with clothes. I Design concept, direct, I cast models art dept. You have to get a project off the ground- If I could take the photo and do the make up I would. But I know that curating a team of exceptional talent is what makes an image incredible. My brand has run alongside my styling career continuously. It lets me express another side of my creativity and helps me understand my clients needs as a designer myself. I love teaching, as I only graduated a few years ago I understand the pressures of university work. Sometimes you just want someone to give it to you straight and be realistic about the industry. I am a cuddly mother hen with a sharp tongue.

Do you have a favorite memory working with a client that you wouldn’t mind sharing with us?
My beautiful ‘Roseau’. Oh how I adore her. My first artist, the voice of a song bird and face of an angel. She wasn’t totally sold on the idea of me being her stylist at first, sometimes people only see the bright colours or extravagant garms, But together we created a glorious identity. Strong monochrome, androgynous suits with bold accessories. I loved being a part of her process and we became very close. She was a client who became a very special person to me. I love the look we created together but I Love her as a person so much more. Working with an artist is a much more complex process than working with models. Its about who they want to portray themselves as. Show their truth while still being a real person and yet a talent on a pedestal at the same time.

What advice do you have for aspiring fashion stylists and female entrepreneurs?
Develop your look. Have a style. Respect everyone you work with. Know what drives you creatively and know that it’s going to be a long and emotional road. The highs are outrageously glorious and the lows can be soul crushing. Know why your creating and what its impact will be. Surround yourself with goddesses. Its got to be your everything or you will create nothing. Be kind, be original, be true to yourself.

What is your interpretation of a Raw Femme?
Powerful female energy. Worshipping at your fellow females alters. Challenging, respecting and celebrating other goddesses. A sense of unconditional sisterhood.