Fashion Photographer | Meagan Cignoli

Thanks to Twitterverse, I have the privilege of sharing the work of Fashion Photographer Meagan Cignoli. Meagan began following Raw Femme, and as per usual I wanted to take a moment to thank her and research her artwork. Once I began browsing her portfolio it was evident that her work must be blogged and blogged asap! Megan is an internationally renowned Fashion and Portrait Photographer. Her various editorials and portraits have resulted in over 300 published pages, in over 40 publications. She shoots her diverse list of portrait, fashion and commercial clients out of her studio in downtown NYC and on location across the globe. Meagan’s work can be found on gallery walls throughout the US and has been wildly documented on the web. Meagan is also the creative director/master mind behind her many projects, developing concepts while handpicking models and stylists to create the perfect mood. The NYC based photographer, finds beauty in every shot, her use of color, texture, and scenery play prominent roles in her photo-taking process. Her work will leave you breathless and wanting more, sharing her work is a true honor! Love her! See her amazing portfolio here and for a more recently debuted project, click the image below to see Meagan’s work for DJ Premium’s “Fall City Chic” 2011 Lookbook!