Evita Weed | Photographer

Hello all! The other day I was delighted to have received an email from a talented photographer, by the name of Evita Weed! Evita is a rather accomplished photographer at the young age of 24. Her work can be found in numerous publications, such as Fluster Magazine and Get Inspired! Magazine. Born Eva M. Gonzalez Lopez, in a small village in the province of Jaen In Andalusia, Evita seemed to have come to terms with her calling in the year of 2002. After moving to Granada, she began studying photography and developing her own style of shooting. She creatively incorporates the use of film photography in her beautiful self portraits, portraits of others, and some of the most profound scenic shots I’ve ever seen. Her photos describe so much emotion and represent many different avenues of the world around us. I salute her talent, and wish her tons more success! Thanks for the head’s up Evita!