Ellei Johndro | The Unexpected Nightlife Queen

I have no idea why it has taken me so long to write about one of the coolest girls I know!!! Event Photographer Ellei Johndro, is a mulit-talented young lady, who I met a few years back at a fashion show in LA. The moment she took a photo of me sneaking not one, but two open bar drinks, I knew she was one cool chick. I had the pleasure of staying in touch with Ellei and reconnecting with her at several events following. Born in the farmlands of Maine, Ellei eventually moved to Boston where she attended Emerson College. A true artist at heart, she began creating comic book figures, pottery, and airbrushing at the young age of 12. Within a short time, she realized the essence of capturing the moment was her true passion. After a month of traveling Europe, in 2004 Ellei moved to LA where she became one of the most recognized photographers to have documented the “hipster youth movement.” Today her practice has expanded from everything to fashion campaigns and behind the scenes tour documentaries. Under her brand name Shadowscene, you can find several archives of Ellei’s work! Check her out and support! Loooove her!