EDM Designs | Steampunk & Industrial Design

Designer Ricky Wolbrom, and partner Teresa Stanton, are two of the most eclectic jewelry designers in the industry today. EDM Designs aka The Tiffany’s of industrial designs, is conceptualized by skilled craftmanship of vintage watch movements, master artisans of yesteryear hand created these intricate and fascinating little worlds of synchronicity and artistic beauty. By recycling broken pocket watches and adding some of the most imaginative additions, truly make for some of the most original wearable art pieces. “Most of my designs feature the styles and manufacturers of fine watch pieces from the mid to late 1800’s and into the early 1940’s. I try most often to preserve the integrity of the focal movement and will only utilize pieces that can no longer serve their original purpose” says Ricky. She most certainly serves justice to this certain era ensuring the visual integrity of each vintage piece. Many of the dark and grungy patina pieces are aged from 100-150 years. The details amaze me, and bring steampunk jewelry to another level. I love the work of these talented ladies! Check out their etsy shop for 500+ more designs!