Dirty Bandits | Graphic Designer Annica Lydenberg

Dirty Bandits is a small, Brooklyn-based design firm specializing in typography, lettering and illustration run by Annica Lydenberg. Work done by Dirty Bandits is fueled by Annica’s deep obsession with type. As a graphic designer she has been paying close attention to typography for many years and focusing on treating letters and words as art. The company started many years ago on the other side of the globe as a t-shirt label and then transformed into a design shop back in New York. Above you’ll find awesome prints from her new series called “The Ex-Boyfriend Series” with various post break up sentiments. There are eight different prints in total, each one is a typographical study and a crazy screen print with gradients, most of them using 5 colors! AWESOME and hits em right where it hurts!!!! Haha love her, thoughts?