Cottrell B. Guidry | Actor, Model, Entrepreneur

Hey Readers! We are certainly due for some new eye candy, and another edition of the “Men We Love” series aren’t we? With that said, it is an absolute pleasure to introduce my incredibly gifted friend Cottrell Guidry to all of you! I met this handsome man, when I first moved to Los Angeles, and was completely blown away by his generosity and contagious personality. You hear so many negative things about people who live in LA, well that is certainly not the case with Cottrell. More than looks and charm, Cottrell is a successful model, aspiring actor, and a rather trend-setting entrepreneur. A film project by the name of “Skyler” has just completed post production, and will soon grace the silver screen in an array of festivals throughout the year. He has also informed me of his most recent project “The Big Test” which he produced and starred in. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on details regarding its release! Cottrell was born in Long Beach, where he lived for a good part of his life before moving two minutes away to a town called Seal Beach. “My brother and I grew up going to the beach, eating burritos and freestyling. He’s actually an amazing Hip Hop Artist, who goes by MC IMPRINT. FOLLOW HIS TWITTER!!!” Oh we most certainly will Mr. Guidry 😉 You can also find more information on Cottrell’s newly launched website CBG-123. There you will find a photo gallery of his many modeling jobs, video productions, nightlife events he throws, and his blog, featuring some of his favorite independent artists, filmmakers, musicians, etc. One of my personal favorite projects is a web series called “The ABC’s of LA”, which debuted in 2009. Along with director and cinematographer, Kevin Boston, Cottrell takes us on a journey of interviews with some of LA’s up and coming artists, actors, directors, clothing designers and musicians on the rise in Hollywood. The series features our good friend DJ Skeet Skeet, Chris Stamp designer/creator of Stamp’d LA, and several others doing big things as we speak. It’s safe to say, Cottrell’s talent and knack for fresh ideas and projects will take him far. I’m proud to call him my friend and can’t thank him enough for allowing me to make him our third edition of Raw Femme’s “Men We Love” series! Take a look at the trailer below, for a more in depth feel of what’s to come! “”Creativity can be learned, if you aren’t afraid of what other people think. It took me a long time to realize that.”-CBG